Meet Song's Taekwondo Team!

All of our instructor members are experienced qualified taekwondo coaches with best knowledge of anatomy, sport physiology and injury as they are qualified osteopaths. Our instructors guarantee you will be provided the valuable classes.

Yukyung Song


Head instructor Yukyung Song was born in Korea and trained with a highly renowned world coach Poomsaemaster Lee of Dowongyuleui Poomsae Team. After completing high school, she came to Australia to complete her degree in osteopathy (2014). In 2015 she opened Song's Taekwondo Academy utilising her high quality of Taekwondo experiences.

Qualifications and Achievements


5th Dan Black Belt (Kukkiwon)

B. App Sci (Compl Med) / B. App Sci (Osteo)

World Taekwondo International Referee - Kyorugi & Poomsae

Working With Childern Check

First Aid with CPR


Varied Demonstration Experiences in Asia Countries (2003~2008)

Numerous Medals at National and State Championship in Korea (2004~2009)

Coached National Gold Medalist (Poomsae) In Korea (2007)

Captain at Sam-sung High School Taekwondo Team (2007)

Head Coach and Director at Sam-sung High School Taekwondo Team (2008)

2 Gold Medals at Vic Inter Uni Championship (2011)

Gold Medalist at Australian University Game (2012)

Coached Medalists of State, National, and International Championships (2012~)

Poomsae Victoria Coach, Taekwondo Victoria Inc (2013~2015)

Australian National Taekwondo Team Poomsae Coach (2016, 2017)


Maddy Thorpe

Senior Instructor

Maddy has been training for 12 years, coaching for 9 years and has competed at the National and Victorian championships numerous times. Maddy has run classes for kids and adults aged from 4 to 83 years old and enjoys coaching. She specialises in Taekwondo Sparring.

Qualifications and Achievements


4th Dan Black Belt (Kukkiwon)

B. App Sci (Compl Med) / B. App Sci (Osteo)

Working With Children Check

First Aid with CPR

Qualified gymnastic coach

Anatomy Tutor, RMIT University


Gold Medal at Northern Region Championchip (2004)

Gold Medal at Victorian Team Selection (2005)

Bronze Medal at National Championship (2005)

Bonze Medal at Victorian Winter Open (2005)

Gold and Silver Medals at Victorian Championships (2006)

Gold Medal at National Muye Open (2007)

Bronze Medal at Victorian Selections (2008)

2 Golds and Silver Medals at Interclub Competitions (2010/11)

Most Inspirational Instructor Award in Tigers Taekwondo (2010) 

Running Variety Age Group Classes (2006~)




Kevin James

Lead Instructor

Qualifications and Achievements


1st Dan Black Belt (Kukkiwon)

B. App Sci (Compl Med) / B. App Sci (Osteo)

International Level 2 Coach Accreditation

Working With Children Check

First Aid with CPR

Anatomy Tutor, RMIT University


2008 Australian Open Team Member, South Africa

2009 Pacific Rim Reserve Team member, Sydney

2009 – 2012 National Team Member

2010-2011 AIS Scholarship holder 

2011 ESS Athlete Development Scholarship holder

2012 Olympic selection nominee

2011, 2012, 2015 Australian championships Victorian representatives (athletes) 

3rd at 2010  Australian Champion (U18)

1st at 2007 National Championships (Level 8 Open)

Plus, many more


2012 Tumbling, Strength and Conditioning specialist for Cheerleaders

2013 - 2017: Registered International Category 4 Men's Gymnastics Judge

2014 Australian judge at Pacific Rim Championship, Canada


2015 Victorian Team Coach

2015 - Current Head coach of Balance Gymnastics